Wormhole tattoo is offering professional tattoo kits, high quality tattoo pens, tattoo machines, tattoo tubes, tattoo needles and all kinds of tattoo supplies to our customers.We are the world's leading supplier of tattoo products!

Wormhole Tattoo is focusing on exploration and innovation all the time and keep our product updated, therefore we can provide you safe, convenient and reliable tattoo products. Wormhole Tattoo offers varieties of tattoo equipment to meet customers’ different demands, especially for the people who are in middle-income. You will get the product you want, no matter you are a professional tattoo artist, tattoo beginner or tattoo lover.

Our business scope 
Providing top quality,  advanced and convenient tattoo equipment for you.

Our purpose 
Technology will lead the new tendency of  tattoo; tattoo makes everyone more special; Wormhole Tattoo protect your tattoo health. 

Our advantage 
Many shipping ways are available to meet your different demands for shipping time. We are offering various tattoo products, and  almost any tattoo equipment can be found in our store.No matter you are a tattoo beginner or a professional tattoo artist or just tattoo lover, we will make sure that what you buy is fine, and the price is reasonable. 

What can we do for you ?
  1. We will check the products before shipment and make sure the products are qualified.
  2. We also offer customer service. If you have any questions when you are purchasing or receive the products, please feel free to contact us.

Our customer service 
In order to improve your satisfaction with purchase, our customer service team will be always available to help you. As more new products will be offered, we will improve our team's customer service skills. Dedicated live chat service is available to give you an instant response. What is more, some products come with a warranty.

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wormhole tattoo certificate