38MM Tattoo Pen with RCA Cord

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Weight: 195g
Size: 92.2×38mm
Motor Max Speed: 10V-12000rpm
Stroke: 3.5mm
Start voltage: 6V
Working voltage: 8-10V

1. New structure, stable performance, upgraded to a snap-on motor structure on the basis of the original short pen. The fixed bin can not only fix the motor, but also better drive the needle, completely bid farewell to the old-fashioned direct disk drive, the needle is unstable. Case;
2. CNC integrated carving process, beautiful appearance, fine color, fine workmanship, no burr, small gap between accessories and accessories, wear resistance, long service life;
3. Short pen type detachable structure, internal detachable, decomposable, easy to disassemble, and easy to replace parts and maintenance in the future;
4. The outer part of the main body can be adjusted with adjustable steel balls to adjust the needle more accurately. The rotating sound is crisp, durable and wear-resistant, completely solving the problem that the traditional rubber band type rubber band is easy to break;

Package Include:
Tattoo Machine Pen ×1
RCA Clip Cord ×1

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