The Difference Between A tattoo Machine And A Tattoo Pen

Tattoo machines and tattoo pens in addition to the appearance is obviously different, their construction and transmission are also different.

The tattoo machine is summarized as a traditional tattoo machine, also called a coil machine.It uses the principle of electromagnetism to move the needle up and down by spraying and sucking the solenoid.The tattoo pen drive mode is motor. It drives the drive rod through the motor and then drives the needle up and down to make the power more evenly.

The needles used by the two machines are different. Traditional tattoo machines have long needle handles, relatively inexpensive needles, and short needles for tattoo pens, which are easy to replace and are slightly more expensive.

Both machines have their own advantages and disadvantages.The traditional machine needles are well-colored and controlled, making light transitions natural and easy to master with traditional large-area coloring.The disadvantages are the change of needles, the troubles of adjusting the machines, the weight of the machines, and the poor control of the machines. They are divided into two types: secant fog and fogging. At least two or more machines are required to work.Because there is no shrapnel, the wormhole tattoo pen is strong in the skin, and it is easy to have a needle mark in light color. It needs a certain skill and time to adapt. But the body is light and easy to change needles, an excellent wormhole tattoo pen can be suitable for a variety of styles.The wormhole tattoo pen is also the future trend of tattoo tools. After all, relative to other, easy to operate and improve work efficiency is the trend.

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