Something You Need to Know As a Tattoo Beginner

10 questions you’ll meet as a tattoo
Q1: Why did tattoo needle jump when I was tattooing?
Answer: Needle jumping is that pinpoint of tattoo needle sticks into the skin. That is because tattoo machines are not tested proper. One reason is that the stroke length of tattoo machines is too short, the pinpoint of tattoo needle has not enough room for expansion, as a result, the pinpoint of needle vibrates at the same place,so it is harmful for the needle to pierce the skin. The second reason is that the pinpoint of needle protrudes shortly, the needle seems to pierce the skin deeply, but when the pinpoint reaches the ski  which prevents the needle from piercing the skin. Thirdly,when the tattoo machines isn’t running fast and needle moves quickly, the needle will be catching on skin, which make the line
Q2: Why it is hard for the ink to stay in skin or tattoos fade?
Answer: Firstly, the needles pierce the skin too shallowly. They only reach above epidermis, and the tattoo ink particles can not be deposited in epidermis. What is more, tattoo ink will fade because of skin metabolism. Secondly, the skin surface is pierced too much, that is, the wound is too larger. The wound is not easy to recover when excessive elastic fiber breaks heavily, so tattoo ink particles can not be deposited. It is not that the more times you color the tattoos, the brighter the color is, but the least times, the least wound, the best
Q3: Who can not get tattoos easily?
Answer: The people who have serious heart disease or blood-bome disease, and the immunocompromised patients had better not get tattoos. Some people have problems, such as dizziness, chills, or sweating. That is because the guests are nervous. You can stop tattooing and ask the gust to have a rest to recover from the pattern
Q4: Who may feel itchy after getting a tattoo?
Answer: It is normal to feel itchy after getting a tattoo. Because the new cells are growing, cells combining with tattoo ink particles, then you will develop itch on inked skin. The itch will disappear a while later, but you can not catch or grape the itchy skin during that time.
arm tattoo
Q5: Why does the heavy shading tattoo fester easily?
Answer: Many tattoo artists notice that the inked skin fester because of heavy shading. Some artists think they didn’t shade heavily, but the skin still fester. It is so strange. However, the reason is simple. That is because we were guided by the wrong idea. Many artists told you that you can not shade heavily, or the tattoos would fester when they were teaching you tattoo skills. So we believe it and tattoo like that.
Take tattoo machines for example. Generally, a tattoo machine can work 20,000 times per minute. If it is with 6 needles, then it works 120,0000 times. If we tattoo for 1 minute on a skin 4 square centimeters, then this skin will have 120,000 wounds. And if this place should be shaded heavily, then we need to tattoo for more than 5 times, as a result, there will be 600,000 wounds. Actually we just need to tattoo for 3 times if we shade a little powerfully, and there will be only 360,000 wounds. There will be 1000 wound on the skin if we shade generally. However, there will still be 1000 wounds if we shade a little powerfully. The reason why the skin fester is that it has been pierced too much when you shade
Q6: Could the tattoo area touch water?
 Answer: Yes. Actually, you new tattoo should be washed in warm water, not hot waster. To avoid the wound becoming infected, you should clean the tattoo area. After a shower, you should make the tattoo area dry with tissue or cotton, then apply ointment right away, and apply antibacterial agents 20 minutes later. Repeat that 8 hours pattern
Q7: How to take care of the wound?
Answer: The tattoo area has been damaged seriously, so you need to take care of it very carefully. The most important is to keep dry. You can take shower as usual. You have to wash the wound with clean water if it touches soapy water, then make it dry with tissue and apply ointment. I advice you to do that for 3 or 4 days. You can stop applying ointment when the wound is completely healed. Even so, it still needs to be taken care of carefully.
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Q8: How long does the wound take to recover?
Answer: The wound on the inked skin needs 1 week to recover completely.
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Q9: Can I finish shading a bog tattoo once after outlining?
Answer: You had better not finish it once. The whole inked skin has been red after outlining. If we shade it right now, the skin will become redder and redder. The skin can not bear the pain, what is more, the body will move around like a caterpillar, and you can not shade the tattoo very well. Except those, it won’t make any difference to the tattoo if we outlining and shading once.
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Q10: What the biggest problem for getting a tattoo in summer? What is the solution?
Answer: It is more difficult to take care of the tattoo in summer than winter. Because we sweat more in summer. But there won’t be problems if you remember to keep the wound dry. If your sweating is excessive, you have to wash it with clean water and apply ointment. Ointment is not easy to be infected by bacteria. The role of antibacterial agents is to isolate pathogenic microorganism and form netted membrane on the surface of the skin.
Working principle and debugging methods of tattoo machinetattoo machine
Convert AC220V external access to DC which is between 3-20V through the transformer.Under DC 3-20V,two main coils and point between screw and spring work out  instantly inhaling and spray.According to back-and-forth of spring,drive needle back-and-forth,up and down with high-speed motion.
The machine will run the needles up and down as the tattooer passes the tip of the tube over your skin, the needles carry pigment along as they travel and deposit into your skin where it could be stayed forever.The nice patterns and Words which are made up of ink are great for decorating skin and covering
Tips of debugging tattoo machine
1.Hold the tattoo machine needle in the left hand,forefinger press the bottom of the “body”, thumb presses the position of fixing the tattoo machine
2.Connect power supply,and clip cord plugs into tattoo machine.clip cord machine tattoo
3.Using the thumb and index finger of right hand loosen the contact screw gently and make sure it machine
4.The right hand thumb and forefinger press the armature bar,adjust the Distance between bar and contact screw ,at the same time, step on the pedal switch, and start the tattoo machine.Debugging tattoo machine
5.When the right hand thumb and forefinger adjust the armature bar, It must be noted that  the right hand couldn't be relax or leave  until the tattoo machine work with the best speed and sound. At the same time,the left thumb touch the front of bar and the botton of  fixing needle below. According to Whether the vibration is maximum,(lead to feel numb and  itchy ).Assure the machine to reach the best machine
6.When we are adjusting the machine,we need to pay attention to the distance. (the distance between armature bar and the coils) the distance must be at least 2.5 MM,in order  to make sure that the needle could be stretched out and be  drawed  back enough.It means the needle could enter into bottom of the skin when it is stretched out, and could be filled with ink when it is drawed screw tattoo machine
7.Adjust the tattoo machine to the best state, ease foot off the swich --disconnect the power.the machine is in stopped state, tight the contact screw with the right hand thumb and forefinger,fixing spring.
After finishing seven steps, restart the tattoo machine, test it  if it could work well.Then debugging tattoo machine  is finished.shading should be 12-14V,lining should be 9-12V  When the tattoo machine works with professional
How to install a needle
First,make sure the tattoo machine is in the best state:
A:It could remain loud and level B:it could work fast and powerful
Second:Make sure if the tip of needle is damaged or not.
Third:Loosen screw of fixing needle with proprietary tool  and get the handle.
Forth:Put needle through the tube and fix the needle on the armature bar.

What can we do if the tattoo machine can't work?tattoo machine contact screw

1.The contact screwdoes not touch the front spring.Loose the front binding post screw to rotate down contact screw and touch the front spring.Rotate 180 ° -360 ° again then tighten the screw to lock the contact screw.power supply tattoo machine
2.Don’t turn on the power supply.After switching on 220V AC, turn on the power supply and the indicator will light machine
3.The tattoo machine washers in binding postare aging.
It will causes the binding post to be directly connected to the tattoo frame and cause short machine

4.The contact screw touches the front spring too tight.
It will cause tattoo machine don’t work,more likely to generate a power supply short circuit.When the power supply is turned on, the indicator light is green and no voltage. Loose the front binding post screw,move the contact screw up,re-adjust the contact screw to touch the front spring. Then rotate 180 ° -360 °.The power supply trips short circuit, the indicator light is green. Then the switch is turned off and turned back on, the indicator light will be machine supply
5.Usually when we work,we may not know when to loosen the power cord.Check the foot pedal, the plug of the power cord is in machine
6.After the work is finished, when the tattoo machine is cleaned and disinfected, the coil copper wireon the machine is broken (dislocation).It need to weld the coil copper wire.coil tattoo machine
7.Tripped as soon as the power is turned on,the indicator light is green.
Check if the plug on the power cord and the plug on the foot pedal are broken.If broken, it need to weld.

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