How to choose a tattoo kit for yourself?

How to choose a tattoo kit for yourself?

If you know what a tattoo kit is, you must know some tattoo kits have 2 tattoo machines and many other tattoo supplies, some ones have 3 tattoo machines, some ones have only 1 tattoo machine. So what kind of tattoo kits are better for you?

The quality of tattoo machines are almost the same no matter what tattoo kits you buy. For a tattoo kit, it doesn’t mean that the more tattoo machines the higher quality. In order to provide various tattoo kits, tattoo suppliers often sell tattoo kits with different quantities of tattoo machines.

Tattoo kits with 1 tattoo machine --- from Wormhole Tattoo


Wormhole tattoo gun kit for beginner

If you just want to buy a tattoo kit for fun, and don’t want to spend such money on it, then tattoo kits with one tattoo machine may be the right one for you. Usually, there won’t be a transfer paper or tattoo practice skin in such a tattoo kit. So you need to buy tattoo skins separately. But they are really much cheaper than other tattoo kits.


Tattoo kits with 2 tattoo machine---from Wormhole Tattoo 


Wormhole tattoo complete tattoo kit for beginners

A coil tattoo machine kit that includes a liner tattoo machine, a shader tattoo machine, tattoo power supply, clip cord, foot pedal, tattoo needles, tattoo grips, tattoo tips, inks, ink cups, practice skin, transfer paper, nipples, gloves, rubber bands, and O-ring is called complete tattoo kit or full tattoo kit. If you want to practice your tattoo skills, then you can buy such a tattoo kit. It also can be sent to your friends as gift.


Tattoo kits with 3 or more tattoo kits--from Wormhole Tattoo

Wormhole tattoo kit 7 machines

Will you buy a tattoo kit that has many tattoo machines? If you are planning to be a tattoo artist, or you need to use it often, then you can buy a tattoo kit with many tattoo machines. Once one of them is broken, you can use another one. It is a litter expensive if you buy a tattoo machine separately.

However, you can buy any tattoo kit you like, if you have enough budget. We never recommend a beginner to tattoo on human skin, because you may hurt others. Some inks and tattoo needles are not safe enough. You had better go to a professional tattoo studio if you want to get a tattoo.

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