How Much Does A Chinese Tattoo Artist Earn in China

How Much Does A Chinese Tattoo Artist Earn in China

Do Chinese parents allow their children to get a tattoo?

Actually, many Chinese parents can not accept tattoos because tattoos mean unlucky in their mind. Before I do a job in tattoo business, I even think only the bad people, such as jerks, criminals or someone like that, will get a tattoo. As a result, tattoo artists are regarded as bad career. Few people will chose to be a tattoo artist when they are looking for a job. So how much does a Chinese tattoo artist earn in China?

What is the salary for a professional tattoo artist?

Even though Chinese parents don’t hope their children to get a tattoo, many young people still will have tattoo on their body. As I know, some professional tattoo artists can earn 100,000 RMB a month. A half tattoo sleeve may take 2 or 3 hours, and spend about 1000 RMB. A professional tattoo artist needs to finish several tattoos a day.


How to be a qualified tattoo artist?

It is not an easy thing to be a successful and qualified tattoo artist. People need to learn from professional tattoo artist for at least 3 month. A beginner tattoo artist must need beginner tattoo kits and lots of tattoo supplies during their learning. As we all know, small tattoos are much cheaper than a tattoo sleeve or large tattoo. And the cost of the same tattoo may be different. It depends on the tattoo artist’s skill. For example, a cross tattoo just spends you 200 RMB if the tattoo artist have no tattoo experience, but it may spends you 500 or 600 RMB if the artist is professional. As a tattoo artist, if you want to have a better life, just keep learning and improving your tattoo skill. Your earning will be much higher than most white- collar workers in China. What tattoo supplies do you need to practice your tattoo skill?




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