She Turned The Scar on The Girl to The Most Beautiful Tattoo

There is a tattoo artist from Brazil.Carvalho, a great woman
As a famous tattoo artist in the local, countless guests find her to make tattoos every year, The purpose of each guest’s tattoo is different, either to commemorate their family or to faith.
Flavia Carvalho

Two years ago, a woman walked into Flavia Carvalho's tattoo parlor and asked her to cover up a scar on her abdomen she had from being stabbed at a nightclub when she turned down a man's advances. It touched to the female tattoo artist deeply.
From there, Carvalho decided to start providing free tattoos to women who'd been left with scars from domestic abuse and surgeries like mastectomies.
Carvalho calls the service "A Pele da Flor," which means "The skin of the flower," in Portuguese and says it's been an incredible experience, with women from all over the world contacting her. 

Flavia Carvalho
She would design special patterns depending on their stories.
In this way, the ugly scar becomes a cool tattoo.
covered tattoo
covered tattoo
After finishing a tattoo, she will share the story behind the pattern.
cover up tattooThrough this program, she encouraged many injured women to regain their confidence and also increased the public's attention to the project.cover up tattoo

cover up tattoo
tattoo covered
tattoo cover
She said, “After covering the scar, they became much more confident.they will dress up again and face to live positively.”
“But it’s only a little. Protecting females from the force is a long journey.”Scars become tattoos




The artist is doing a great job. She helped a lot of people.

Dave September 05, 2019

Looks awesome!

quang September 05, 2019

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