A Genius in Tattoo Field--Great Artist Dr.WOO

As an important brand of fashion, tattoos don’t mean“ bad guys” any longer in our eyes. More and more people become tattoo audience, no matter the stars, the fashionable, even the ordinary.
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Whether a tattoo is good looking or not depends on its meaning and the tattoo artist’s wonderful tattoo skills. I believe many people heard that you need to appoint a tattoo artist years in advance, such as Bang Bang, Mark Mahoney.....Of course, before choosing a tattoo artist, we must confirm whether the tattoo supply in the tattoo store is clean and hygienic. After all, this is related to your body.
Mark Mahoney
As the world's top tattoo artist, tattoos are their career for a lifetime. They have no time to do other things since their schedules are full. But there is an exception among them. Besides tattooing, he also cooperates with other famous brands. You must guess who it is. Yeah, it is Dr.Woo.
Dr.Woo has Asian facial features, but he was born and grew up in Los Angeles in the United States. Dr. Woo’s real name is Brian Woo. His parents were from Taiwan emigrants who came to America. His parents wanted him to be a doctor due to their traditional thoughts.
Dr. Woo has been addicted to tattoos since he was 13. He played tricks when facing his parents against. He often practiced tattooing with his friends after school.
He came to a legend tattoo club named Shamrock Social Club located in Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. His first tattoo was done by Mark Mahoney, the father of single needle black and gray tattoos.
Dr.Woo visited Mark Mahoney's uncountable times during the next 10 years until Mark Mahoney offered a job for him in Shamrock Social Club. He also closed his clothing shop Halo and stopped building his own clothing brand Surrender Everything. Which showed how mus he loves tattoo.
Dr.Woo started his apprentice life for 3 years after he joined Shamrock Social Club. He picked up his sketch and drawing skills, then learned top tattoo skills from these tattoo artists.
Getting a tattoo
Mark Mahoney helped him a lot during that time. So he gained the famous single needle tattoo skills from him.
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Single needle tattooing means to make realistic image feature with fantastic skills. Even though many artists can use single needle technique, few can use a single needle to finish a whole tattoo artwork.
It is a big challenge for a tattoo artist to balance the skin conditions, space, and image when outlining the tattoos with a single needle. It takes a lot of time to finish a single needle tattoo due to the process is too delicate and precise. That is why Dr. Woo’s tattoo works are worth a lot of money.
Shark tattoos
Dr.Woo not only mastered single needle tattoo skills but also created Fineline tattoos. Fine line tattoos need artists to take advantage of dots, lines, and geometry to scratch a mysterious tattoo.
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His works are not only the results of a single needle but also his knowledge of aesthetics and the world. He once said his inspirations of these designs came from the people in Los Angeles.  
The style of fine line tattoo is totally different from the ones we imagine. Tattoos done by Dr.Woo are more limpid. His works are simple and compact, with mysterious intricate details and texture, and that is why they are unforgettable.
arm tattoos
Because of this, many celebrities have come to visit his tattoo studio. For example, the coconut tree tattoo on the foot of Edison Chen, the Virgin Pistol on G-Dragon's left arm, 666 on Yu Wenle's arm and The whale shark on Wang Yangming's calf.
coconut tree tattoo
Pistol tattoos
Now, Dr.Woo has left Shamrock Social Club. He opened his first studio in Roosevelt hotel. Even though his studio is located in a secluded place, his business is not affected. the appointments are still made on an annual basis.
In addition to his excellent achievement in the tattoo art field, Dr.Woo is also involved in the field of clothing, shoes and even furniture.
As early as 2015, Dr. Woo, who had already made a name for himself in the tattoo field, tried to do another job other than tattoo arts. At this time, he was found by Modernica, a modern furniture company in Los Angeles.
The cross-border joint plan of the two sides was based on a chair. Dr. Woo used his X-ray film as a pattern and printed it on a fiberglass chair.
The inspiration came from his tattoo experience of 7 years. And the chair was like a shadow, so the chair was an important vehicle which witnessed his growth and recorded his passion for art. In order to create a vivid X-ray film, each product needed to be hand-made.
As for sneakers, Converse became an important co-branded object for Dr. Woo. Earlier, the two sides have launched two joint names. In January of last year, Dr. Woo and Converse used the classic Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s as the foundation. The uppers and tongues were embroidered with spiders, flies, and cobwebs.
In the following August, Dr. Woo and Converse re-launched the joint plan. The two sides still used the classic Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s as the foundation, and adopt a destructive deconstruction style with a tearable double-layer upper structure. After tearing, the retro printed fabric was exposed.
In the field of clothing, the Sacai, a well-known brand recently, has also found this famous tattoo artist. This time Dr. Woo's tattoos and unique embroidery design elements were applied to the clothing.
In addition to the clothes, Sacai, and Dr. Woo also invited a well-known Japanese toy manufacturer MEDICOM TOY to create a limited edition BE@RBRICK dolls, which put on Sacai 2019 spring and summer menswear, and appeared in forms of 1000%, 400%, 100%.
From Dr. Woo's work, we know his dedication and understanding of tattoo art, and he changed the way we think about traditional tattoo art. He is definitely the leader in today's tattoo art world due to subversive creative concept combined with the inspiration of the super cross-border design.


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